Level 2 Charger Installations in Condos and businesses. Seamless Installations by the team of 3e Electrical Construction.

The time is right for electrical cars. In fact, the time is critical.

Carlos Ghosn, former Nissan CEO

The Condo Board

The EV Car market in Toronto is in its infancy when compared to other major cities around the world. A huge obstacle that every property manager or condo owner faces is getting approval from the board of directors or condo board. A reoccurring attitude toward the installation of EV chargers in Condos is the board’s skepticism, the costs involved, and also a lack of understanding of how EV Charger solutions will benefit their building.

Support of fellow condo owners

Individual Condo Owners often face a hurdle and that is getting the board’s approval. The board sometimes claims that such installation of new technology will infringe on the rights of others. However, condo owners that can form a group with other residents wishing to have EV Charging solutions have a better chance of getting boards’ approval. The condo board can easily dismiss a condo owner, but when it is a group, it is much more difficult for them to do so.


The cost of an EV charging solution in condominiums isn’t an easily calculated quote. Many things must be taken into consideration in order to get a quote, such as the type of chargers, number of parking spaces to install the chargers, the current electrical capacity of the building, condo board installation restrictions, and the cost recovery options.

Want to go ahead with installing an EV Charger?

It may be difficult, however, it is not impossible to get an EV charger installed in your parking spot or property. 3e Electrical Construction will walk you through all the processes of getting an EV Charger(s) installed. Learn about our process below.

Canadian Condominium Institute: Why is it So Hard to Get an Electric Vehicle and its Charging System Into a Condominium?

Who We Are

3e Electrical Construction is a team of expertly trained electricians. We are an award-winning electrical contractor in Toronto.  Our company has years of experience helping condo owners, property managers, and condo boards install EV Charging solutions to their property. Many challenges that Condo Owners and Property Managers is the confusion about where to start, and what company will help walk them through the process of planning, design, installation, and maintenance. However, these are things that 3e Electrical Construction has mastered.

The Steps

Our team is here to support you every step of the way towards the installation and maintenance of your electrical vehicle distribution or single charger.

Parking lot retrofitted to have level 2 charger installations.

1. Request a quote.

2. An engineer will reach out to you.

3. A site visit will be scheduled with an engineer and your property manager.

4. Load Calculations will determine your electrical distributions capacity to add EV chargers. How many and how large output of EV chargers can your building support will be determined.

6. We will attend a board meeting via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

7. Upon approval, the installation will proceed.

Here’s how it works

Our team is here to support you every step of the way towards the design, installation and maintenance of your Electric Vehicle Charging Station.