electrical service calls

Man with hardhat and safety vest inspecting the electrical panel board in a residential home.
If you need an electrical installation or electrical repair by residential electricians in Toronto and throughout the GTA, we are here to help. Contact our helpful team today. We are friendly and easy to talk to.
It’s as easy as 1.2.3e. Call us today about your service needs.

panel and service upgrades

Residential electrician flicking a fuse box switch.
From fuse panels that need upgrading to service upgrades of 200 – 400A.  We coordinate with local utility companies and ESA to ensure a timely installation.
We also offer service upgrades for homeowners looking for more power, typically for a new pool, electric vehicle charger (EVSE), air conditioning, or a new rental space.

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electric car chargers

Electric Vehicle Car in the driveway being charged by a level 2 EV Charger.
We install Electrical Car Chargers, aka EV Chargers or EVSE in Toronto, Oakville, Vaughan, Milton, Ancaster, Whitby and Pickering for home owners, and that includes condo owners too.

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chandelier lighting

A glass and gold chandelier installed by a residential electrician hanging in the living room of a residential house.
Chandelier lights can add elegance and class to any space. You can add a chandelier to any room, not just your dining room. It’s a great way to add light in a beautiful way. We do chandelier and other ceiling light installations.

pot lights

Living room with ceiling pot lights installed.
Pot lights in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and hallways. Our clients love the look and the ambiance that pot lights bring to their space. We install pot lights in Toronto, Oakville, Vaughan, and Milton.

electrical trouble-shooting

Electrical contractor on a ladder inspecting the electrical wires of a living room fan.
Do you have an electrical problem in Toronto, Oakville, Vaughan or Milton that needs solving?  We have the experience to troubleshoot effectively. Call us today to talk with a licensed electrician to help solve your electrical issues.

home electrical safety inspection

Female electrician in a residential home doing a safety inspection.

new construction, remodels, and renovations

Kitchen with drop down lights hanging from the ceiling.
Whether you are installing new lights, upgrading the service, installing new panels, we handle it all. Contact our expert team of electricians to learn more about all your options and how we can help you.

smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that is installed in the living room of a residential home.
Installing smoke detectors is a crucial safeguard against the dangers of fuel burning appliances in the house, and/or fires that could occur. We install and/or upgrade smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for homeowners.

knob and tube rewire

Knob and tube wiring replacements done by 3e Electrical contractors in Toronto and Oakville.
If your house was built prior to 1950, you’ll need to consider the type of wiring the home has, for instance, copper, aluminum, or knob and tube. We handle knob and tube replacements swiftly and we ensure an extraordinarily clean process.

hot tub & sauna wiring

Hot tub and sauna that was rewired in Toronto with CN tower in the background.
Hot tub and sauna wiring. Hire the best electricians in Toronto and the GTA.

Why is it important to hire a licensed electrician?

Electrical Safety Authority

Take a look at what the ESA has to say here.

emergency generators

A backup power generator that was installed for a residential home by residential electricians.
Power outages aren’t known for their good timing (laughing). In the case of a power outage, keep all the necessary appliances in your home running with a generator. Our team of sales associates and electricians are here to help you with choosing the right generator and getting it installed swiftly.

surge protector

Whole house surge protection device that is fitted to fit inside a panel.
If you have high-end electronic equipment or an old electrical system in your home we recommend getting a whole home surge protector. In the case of a power surge, you are at risk of losing all your data, shortening the life of your computer, or even experience arcing within the wiring of receptacles and other devices.