under cabinet lighting

Undercabinet lighting for a residential home kitchen.
Under cabinet lighting is a convenient lighting option for your kitchen, office, entertainment area or living room. Our best licensed electricians can install under cabinet lighting in any room of your home.

stairway lighting

Stairway lighting and motion sensor stair lights that light up the walkway at night.

cabinet lighting

Woman in a red dress standing in front of a display cabinet full of jewelry.
We believe that if customers can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Specific colors can affect the customers’ feelings on how they view an item.

retail lighting

Retail store with bright pot lights installed by commercial electricians.
Lighting is crucial to setting the atmosphere for your store. We offer retail window lighting solutions, track lighting and luxury lighting.

The Do’s and Don’ts of LED Retail Lighting

restaurant lighting

A restaurant with low temperature lights that help set the mood for an evening meal.
Restaurant lighting is almost as important as a great chef and a great interior design. Lighting can set the mood and affect the customers’ mood. Our team has years of experience with both small and large restaurants in finding the best lighting solutions for them.

How to choose the best color temperatures

exterior lighting

Residential house with outdoor wall lighting installed that is also synced up to motion sensors.
Whether it is for security or for elegance, exterior lighting makes all the difference. Outdoor wall lights for your patio or porch, motion sensor lights, garden lights and solar lights are some of the ways you can customize your home with exterior lighting.

landscape lighting

Lights installed on the fence of a house that help light up the bench that is placed along the wall.
Spend more time outside with a well lit landscape. Porch lighting, garden lighting, patio lighting, and lighting that allows you to have the best atmosphere whether you are with family or entertaining guests. We do it all.

parking lot lighting

LED parking lot with bright light and
Security and convenience, light up your employees’ and your customers’ parking areas. Hire the best electrical contractors. We are knowledgeable in both commercial grade LED parking lot lights and solar powered parking lot lights.

LED garage lighting

Garage with a sports car that has linear lights running along the wall.
Lighting is a nice addition to the space you call a garage. Light up your garage with Triburst or Beyond Bright garage LED lights. Use your garage as a workshop? We got the perfect lighting solutions that can be voice activated and customized for you.

stadium lighting

A stadium with new fields lights that were helped to be installed by commercial electricians.
We do outdoor and indoor athletic stadium/sports field lighting. From solar panel powered lights to LED lights.