Are you a business owner that is looking to offer EV Charging Solutions to your customers? In short the main thing to consider when looking at commercial EV Chargers for your business is will you be using a third party to bill and collect for the electricity being used or will you be providing the EV charging as a free perk to your customers? From this information we can look at budget vs. speed to determine the charge you would like to offer at your business.
Speed of charge is directly proportional to convenience and/or productivity in EV fleet situations.
For commercial applications Level 2 Charging (240V Charging) or Level 3 Charging (aka DC Fast Charging 208V or 480 3-Phase AC) are the options available. Whether you are a restaurant, a convenience store, a dentist office, a law firm, a construction company, a school, or a shopping centre we understand the processes involved in designing, future proofing, and constructing EV Charging Stations in Toronto and the GTA.

Property Manager Insider: Benefits of Commercial EV Charging Stations

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Level 2 Charger Installations

EV car sales have grown exponentially in Canada over the past few years. Offering electric car charging options is a great way for restaurant owners, hotel owners, private gas stations, malls, etc. to attract new customers to their businesses by literally putting themselves on the map.

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Level 3 Charger Installations

A parking garage with level 2 EV Chargers  (EVSE) installed.

Do you want the highest level of convenience for your patrons or workers? Does your company operate a fleet of electric vehicles that need quick turnaround times with respect to charging? This is the perfect solution for you.

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