Adding pot lights to your home is a great addition to have. These lights give you the ability to bring a lot of brightness into an otherwise dark and gloomy room. Pot lights are usually installed into ceilings, however, they can also be placed into walls and in the ground. Pot lights also work best for rooms that have low ceilings and the ability to evenly distribute the light.

Kitchen with 6 square pot lights installed.

Common locations for pot lights

Ceilings: The most common use of pot lights, and what we’ll focus on here, is recessed downlighting from the ceiling.

Walls: When installing pot lights into a wall, you’ll want to use an angled flange to direct your light down to illuminate a pathway or onto steps.

In-Ground: Usually used in outdoor applications to illuminate a pathway or upplight landscaping.

How to Calculate the Best Recessed Lighting Layout

How to Choose The Best Color Temperatures

Pot lights in the bathroom

A luxurious bathroom with "wet location" rated pot lights

Pot lights in the bathroom provide a decorative, modern look. However, not all pot lights are suitable to be used in a bathroom. The pot lights you choose for your bathroom must be suitable for a “wet location”. The “wet location” suitable pot lights will be able to resist water and water vapor. If they are installed by a licensed electrician, pot lights in a bathroom will be safe and look great.

Pot lights in the living room

Living room with pot lights installed on the opposite sides of the television.

Brighten up your living room and highlight the surrounding artwork. Have them installed to give a clean, modern look to your home.

Pot lights in the kitchen

Motion Sensor and smart controlled kitchen pot lights that make cooking easier.

Whether you are entertaining guests, cooking food, or simply using the kitchen for other activities, a bright, adjustable light is perfect. This light can be dimmable and tailored to meet your needs.

Pot lights in the basement

Basement with 4 pot lights installed that bring a lot light to an area with that used to be dark.

Many of our clients come to us with poor basement lighting. This is all solved by getting a few pot lights installed properly. This immediately brightens up the space and makes it seem more spacious.

Pot lights in the bedroom

Bedroom with pot lights installed into the ceiling that are dimmable and come with smart controls.

Sleek, versatile and functional are three words you can use to describe pot lights in the bedroom. Pot lights add a perfect touch to your bedroom.

Outdoor pot lights

Outdoor exterior pot lights that come with motion sensor and smart control technology.

Pot lights can be placed in quite a few outdoor areas, such as your porch, soffits, in-ground, or even in decks. They work best in providing the right ambiance and a level of security around your home.


Pot lights that we offer come in sizes that range from 3.5” to 6”.

Sizes of pot lights that range from 4 inches, 5 inches and 6 inches.

Pot light trims

Flangeless Trim

An unmistakable high-end look that is completely flush with the ceiling surface.

Flanged Trim

The same premium appeal as flangeless trim, with a thin ceiling flange that sits on the surface of the ceiling.

Square Aperture Trim

Unique architectural appeal that tends to feel more modern.

Round Aperture Trim

Classic styling that tends to feel more at home in contemporary and transitional style rooms.

Bevel Trim

Provides visual depth and architectural appeal.

Flat Trim

A clean, minimalistic aesthetic.

4-inch vs 6-inch pot lights

4-inch pot lights

  • Best for smaller areas
  • Darker areas
  • Cost-friendly
  • Energy saving

6-inch pot lights

  • Considered the standard for regular to large sized rooms
  • Easier to find
  • Covers a bigger area of light resulting in less pot lights needed in total
  • Higher lumen output

Can I install pot lights on my own?

Enthusiastic DIY homeowners may feel that a pot lights installation isn’t as complicated as it really is. However, when attempting to do their own pot lights, they make the mistake of purchasing the wrong fixtures and failing to understand the circuits. Combine any of these, and you are putting yourself and your home at risk of an electrical accident which can result in a fire or power outage. Hire a licensed electrician to get the job done right and minimize the risk to yourself and your home.