residential new construction

Two Story residential house under construction.
New construction electrical and lighting services. As electrical contractors in Toronto and the GTA we perform electrical service, rough-in and finishing, including network wiring, smart controls, media centers, sound systems and full smart home controllability. Everything from water leak detectors, sump pump status feedback and occupancy sensors to low and high voltage dimming controls and cameras.

residential renovations

Kitchen with drop down lights hanging from the ceiling. Installed by a commercial electrician
Similar to our new construction electrical service, in most cases renovations require a bit more patience and ingenuity to make things look as good as they function. We assist in all projects that handle kitchen, bathroom and living room renovations, as well as renovations for commercial spaces that include LED retrofit lighting and more.

new construction homes

multi residential house block with a white interior and glass windows.
We know the pace of town home construction is fast and we strive to forever re-evaluate our site processes to ensure we can rough-in a single family dwelling as fast as is required by the builder.  Need electrical rough-in done in a day, we can do that.   When doing new construction for a town home, hire the best electrical contractors in Toronto.

new construction

Master Electrician and the general contractor discussion the electrical service plan in blueprints.
We have years of experience working in commercial new construction sites. Our team consists of commercial electricians that will work with you to save money by saving energy, and also incorporating new lighting or electrical components.

restaurant renovations

Restaurant with drop down ceiling hanging lights which were installed by commercial electricicans.
Restaurants require a little tender loving care, yet at the same time the schedules are some of the speediest in the industry. We know this and prepare for it. Our commercial electricians are ready to work with you and your design to get the best possible look for your restaurant.

office renovations

An office with track lights hanging from the ceiling.
Many office fit-outs require more planning towards building a productive work environment, that boosts employee morale. One of the most important and overlooked aspects is color temperature. Our commercial electricians are professionals at helping you choose the right lighting.