What is Level 3 charging?

Also known as DC fast charging, it offers 10 to 20 times the charging speed of level 1 and level 2 chargers. Electric vehicles can be charged up to 80% within 30 minutes.

Corporation parking lot that has been upgrading to have Tesla EV Chargers.

Should I get a level 3 charger?

Level 3 charging units come at a substantial premium and require additional infrastructure.  Level 3 chargers are often found in public parking lots and commercial properties.

A small diagram to that showcases the different levels of speed depending on the types of chargers.

Can I get a DC Fast Charging Station in my home?

Due to the nature of how much power is required by DC Fast Chargers, it is currently not possible to install a DC Fast Charger into a residential home. For a business or high-rise building, please contact us.

DC Fast Charging Installation

The electricity requirements of the technology are massive and installation costs are also extremely high compared to a level 2 alternative. Not all-electric vehicles can access the rapid charge of level 3 stations.

Level 3 Charger Basics

Connection – There is no AC to DC conversion necessary and the time it takes to charge the battery is reduced from the 10 or 20 hours required by Level 1 charging to about 20 minutes. You can plug your car into a Level 3 charger, go have a cup of coffee in the rest-stop restaurant and emerge to a completely charged battery.

120 kW of power – A DC Fast Charger delivers a powerful DC current, typically up to 120 kW, directly to the EV battery. A human comparison of a DC Fast Charger is that it’s like the difference between taking medicine in pill form (which would be Level 1 charging) and having the medication delivered directly to your bloodstream using an IV (Level 3 DC Fast Charging).

Perfect for commercial fleets, properties, and businesses – Level 3 charging is so fast it is a perfect match for corporations that operate large fleets of electric vehicles that need quick turnaround times. Electric buses, courtesy vehicles, trucks, taxis and vans also benefit from DC Fast Charging.

Here’s how it works

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